Consulting Services That Deliver

Organizations are under increased pressure to deliver well-designed solutions while balancing time-to-market deadlines, navigating through a quickly evolving IT environment, and responding to market changes. Leverage our decades of enterprise experience to better position your team for success. We partner closely with clients to deliver quality solutions on-time and on-budget. We specialize in mobile, cloud/big data, microservices, and back-end architecture allows us to customize solutions that are tailored to your organization.

Our Software Engineering Process

We spend a lot of time thinking about why various approaches to software development have their observed effects. Doing so enables us to more easily trace issues that may be hampering an IT organization's effectiveness back to root causes. It also helps us always be awake to opportunities to further optimize our own practices.

In migrating to agile practices, IT organizations often unwittingly lose some measure of accountability, particularly with respect to change management. We can help you with practical steps you can take to manage change as effectively as in the past in a way that's fully consistent with today's methodologies.

Technology & Engineering

Build platforms that create new opportunities and accelerate business value. We analyze the value streams within an IT organization to align the enterprise technology strategy with the needs of the business and customers. We introduce new methods, process, platforms and tools within IT to unlock innovation, speed and quality. We help our clients not only shift the technology but also the ways of working to establish continuous improvement and value creation.

Strategy & Consulting

Fusing business strategy with experience and engineering to accelerate growth and effectiveness. The traditional sequence from customer needs to strategy to technology execution is too long, too limited and too risky. Strategy should be informed by an understanding of business capability from Day One. Similarly, technology execution and transformation that isn’t governed by thoughtful strategic context is equally dangerous. To truly accelerate growth and effectiveness through digital business transformation requires the fusion of customer experience, strategy and consulting and technology engineering and execution.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence that drives value for your business. We’re on the brink of a world powered by the algorithmic enterprise. It’s a future where organizations translate data into elevated employee productivity, optimized supply chains and next generation customer experience using the power of AI. But to implement AI, organizations must first understand where it can genuinely add value. We recognize even this first step can be a challenge. We can help your organization get future ready by accelerating your understanding of AI. Our team will support you in building a strategy and roadmap to take you from discovery to world-class solution.


Build the cyber resilience you need to grow confidently. We help our clients by taking the role of trusted advisor, streamlining the process of securing critical areas of Business, Operations and Technology.

Customer Experience & Design

Computational Design by leveraging AI to bridge strategy and engineering. We can help you design your AI program to respond to the growing and constantly changing demands of your customers from an experiential point of view with computational design.