About Us

About us

Where some see uncertainty, we see possibilities. We bring a startup mindset and agile methods to both established companies and the public sector to unlock value in ways that delight their customers and improve their operational effectiveness. Our approach to transformation is grounded in a view of both the company and the customers simultaneously, and a unique fusing of strategy and consulting, experience and engineering with an enduring culture of problem-solving creativity.

Who We Are

Founded in 2011 by experienced IT leaders, Icore Infotech has served numerous customers, from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Icore Infotech is a premier consulting, training, and software company headquartered in Ellicott City, MD. We maintain a strong focus on emerging technologies such as mobile platforms and cloud computing, and our team has deep expertise in enterprise development.

Why Choose Us

Icore consultants are an elite group of hand-picked, active practitioners with years of professional experience and a track record of success in mission-critical development. Their broad collective background enables them to give accurate and unbiased assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of various solutions from individual frameworks to entire technology stacks and allows them to share best practices and pitfalls from the trenches.

What We Do

Organizations are under increased pressure to deliver well-designed solutions while balancing time-to-market deadlines, navigating through a quickly evolving IT environment, and responding to market changes. Leverage our decades of enterprise experience to better position your team for success. We partner closely with clients to deliver quality solutions on-time and on-budget. We specialize in mobile, cloud/big data, microservices, and back-end architecture allows us to customize solutions that are tailored to your organization.